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Having a website that isn’t ranked on the first page of Google is like having a book at the bottom of a box in the library- no matter how amazing it may be, nobody is going to see it. In the world of global business competition, SEO is no longer an option but a need for your business to stand out. Failing to do so will mean you get lost in the pool of other businesses. 

At Web SEO Agency, we offer comprehensive SEO consulting services so that you get the very best out of your SEO. Whether you’re looking to enter a new market, country or niche, we can make sure you rank within the top page so that your content is seen by potential customers. With a wealth of industry experience, our team can guide you throughout each stage of your SEO journey. We will provide you with practical advice that can be acted upon within hours of our meetings. This means you can quickly take action and get the most out of what we have to offer. Here’s how we can help. 

SEO Consulting

Our SEO consulting services cover a wide range of topics from user interface and design, engaging, informative web copy, backlinking and much more. With SEO being a somewhat complex topic, we break it down for you in bitesize chunks so that you effectively understand not only what to do, but also how it will impact your business. For each issue you have, we will provide you with several different options, all of which can be tailored to your requirements. 

Each one of our SEO experts has a wealth of industry experience, having worked in several niches and delivered a range of successful results. They’ve worked with a plethora of businesses from startups and smaller companies right up to multinationals and global enterprises. This allows us to tailor our consulting services to the needs and requirements of your business, ensuring you get the very best results. 

SEO And Tech

Much like any other industry, SEO is rapidly changing in accordance with search engine algorithms, changes to the market and the needs of the consumer. We make sure that you stay one step ahead of the game when working with us. By understanding not only current technology, but also future changes to the market, we can predict how SEO will change. This allows you to stay ahead of current trends and thus remain a key competitor within your niche. 

In the current marketplace, voice technology in particular has become increasingly important. With technology such as smart speakers being used within most households, voice technology will soon become extremely important within SEO. We help our clients stay on top of trends such as voice communication, providing them with advice as to how they can keep their website appropriate for such changes.

Global SEO Consulting

If your business sells to a global audience, then you have more competition than any business on the planet. As a result, being ranked on the first page of Google is required for you to remain competitive. Within our SEO consulting agency, our experts can provide you with practical advice as to how you can remain competitive within your niche, as well as how you can outperform your competition. Here’s how we do just that. 

We will begin with an analysis of your current market. Your current customer base, their location and their needs. Doing this allows us to create a persona for your customers, which allows us to target them with SEO. The greater understanding we have of your audience, the more targeted our advice. 

After understanding your audience, we will take time to understand exactly what you’re aiming for in regards to SEO. It’s important to note that SEO is not a quick fix. Being ranked top of any keyword often takes months (and in some cases years) of work. During this phase, we will make sure that your objectives are achievable and realistic. This will ensure that you know how soon you will reach your goals. 

Next comes the consulting phase. Based on your requirements, we will work as your external consultants in which we will offer practical advice as to how you can quickly improve your SEO. Our advice will come in the form of strategies that can be tweaked and edited to deliver the best results. This continuous form of collaboration allows our experts to adapt our advice based on the results you’re achieving to maximize ROI

Local SEO Consulting

Within local communities, it’s no longer enough to simply have a website. Without SEO, the only way people will know about your business is through word of mouth, with your site being hidden on page 20 of Google. Although word of mouth can be enough to keep your business running, it’s not enough to help it thrive. This is where we can help. 

As part of our SEO consulting services, we can provide you with practical and affordable SEO advice so that your website is seen by locals and visitors alike. Doing so will exponentially increase the number of people who see your site, which is ideal for driving traffic and customers to your business. 

Although the concept of SEO is the same, the way in which results are created is very different for local businesses than global ones. In particular, we will focus on helping your site rank for local keywords such as locations, popular areas and local reviews. As part of our consulting, we will provide you with advice tailored to your particular niche and market. We will consider everything from local competition, seasonality and the types of customer you’re looking for. Doing this ensures we stand out from competitors within your niche and rank on the first page within your local area.

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