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If you’re in the process of improving the SEO on your site, then it’s almost certain you’ve seen the word “keywords”, but what exactly are keywords and why are they important to you? In short, SEO keywords are the phrases used throughout your website that make it possible for people to find your site on search engines. A website optimized for search engines will speak the same language as its visitors, which is where keywords are required. For example, if you owned a store that sold stationery, you’d want to rank in keywords such as “pens” “quality paper” and “stationary near me”. These words would make sure that your website is then seen by your audience on search engines. Pretty simple right? Well yes and no. 

Whilst in theory ranking for keywords should be easy, it can be quite the opposite. If competition wasn’t already enough to deal with, changes in the Google algorithm consistently change the way in which keywords are used in text. In the past, SEO businesses would do something known as keyword stuffing. They would put as many keywords in the text as possible to ensure the page ranked. Search engines soon caught onto this and changed the algorithm entirely- leaving sites that had been keyword stuffed in a bad situation. 

Today, keyword tracking is focused on making your website as readable as possible, whilst still containing all relevant keywords. As a result, skilled writers are now required to ensure your site gets the very best out of its SEO. This is where we can help. With a team of highly skilled copywriters, our experts can manage your keyword tracking, ensuring your site ranks highly for keywords relevant to your business. 

Here’s how our service works.

Initial Consultation

We will begin with an initial consultation in which our team will study your current website. We will take an in-depth look at the keywords you’re currently ranked for, keywords you need to include and the general SEO of your site. Using the industries latest tools, we are able to quickly highlight any problems you currently have and offer comprehensive solutions to each. During this consultation, we will also make sure that our team fully understand your objectives. By doing this, we’re able to provide you with a fully tailored strategy designed around your corporate aims. 

Competitor Research

One of the most important aspects of any keyword research is taking a look at your competitors. Our team will do this for you. We will begin by taking a generic look at their website, taking into consideration factors such as design, accessibility and overall customer experience. We will then take an in-depth look at the keywords being used. By doing this, we gain insight as to what keywords are best for your website, as well as potential opportunities in keywords that have been overlooked. 

Strategy Development

After our initial consultation and research, our team will begin to design a strategy for your keyword tracking. We will use internal tools to identify the best keywords for you, where they should be implemented in your site and how we can make your site immune (or at least less susceptible) to changes in algorithms. We will then discuss this strategy with your team to ensure you’re happy with our solution. 


Once approved, we will immediately implement the keyword strategy we have designed. It’s important to note that any keyword strategy is a long term one. You will not see results overnight by stuffing your site with keywords, in fact, you will increase the risk of being penalised. Our strategy is designed to help you rank within the next few months, in which your organic outreach will begin to increase. Our team of experts will continuously monitor the keywords we’re using, making any changes during implementation where we see necessary. If you have any questions at this point or require an update, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help. 


After implementing your strategy we will begin the adaptation phase. Over the upcoming months following implementation we will gradually adapt your keyword strategy to optimize results. We will double down on words that are bringing in results and slowly decrease our efforts on those that don’t. 

Results, Results, Results

After optimizing your keywords, you will begin to see results. When combined with other SEO tactics, keywords can significantly improve outreach from an organic perspective. This is because your overall ranking will be higher across the search engine(s) you’ve chosen to work on. The longer you work with us on your keyword campaign, the better results we can get you in the long run. 

Complexity Made Easy

One of the most common questions we are asked by our clients is “Can I create a keyword campaign myself”. Now in theory, yes. However, when we have seen businesses do this, they rarely succeed. The reality is, ranking in keywords is more than simply having them throughout your site. Using our industry expertise, we can make sure the keywords used are appropriate for your niche and used in a way that makes the biggest impact. We take care of all the complexities of each process, delivering you a finalized result without the hassle of having to do everything yourself. This saves you both time and money that you can then reinvest into your business. 

Tailored Approach

The problem with many keyword campaigns is that too many businesses focus on generic keywords. This leaves them competing with the worlds top organizations and as a result, they end up with little to no success. With our clients, we take a tailored approach in which we look for opportunities within the market. Using this method allows us to rank clients in keywords that they would have otherwise not thought of. As a result, not only do they rank higher within search engines, but they also enjoy the benefits of higher sales. 

For more information about our keyword services, send us an email today and discover how our team of experts can help you. 

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