Local Business Listing

Local Business Listing Services

Listing your business is a great way to improve your websites SEO, though is something that is commonly overlooked. During the day to day business schedule, companies will often forget to update their business listing, or forget to register altogether. Rather than stressing about your listing, we can take care of everything for you. Our professional team can quickly make sure that your listing is up and running, with all the correct information for potential clients to contact you. By doing this, we make sure that your business listing can be found where it actually matters and not lost in the last page of Google. Here’s why your local business listing is so important. 

Better Visibility in Search Engines

Whether you’re new to the digital world of business or you’ve been online from the very start it’s no myth that search engine visibility is important. By regularly updating your business listing you significantly increase the likelihood of your business being seen. Research has shown that updated business listings receive on average 500% more views than business listings that are out of date, inaccurate or incomplete. By leaving out a Google business listening, you’re leaving a significant amount of money on the table. Money that could easily end up in your pocket. 

You Gain Zero-Click Answers

When looking for the answer to a question on Google, the last thing you want is to scroll down several pages to find an answer. This is why zero-click answers are so important. In many cases potential customers may never actually visit your website and if they do, they will only do so after looking at the answers you provided on the first page of Google. In general, managed listings will get around 10 times more traffic than businesses that have no zero-click answers. Though relatively new, this concept is a great way to set you apart from competitors within your niche. 

Increase Conversion Rates

The aim of every business is to be profitable. With more business around the world than ever before (as well as global competition in full motion) it’s also harder to be profitable within your niche. By making a local business listing, you significantly improve your competitive chance within the location in which you operate. This, in turn, allows you to significantly improve your conversion rates. Whether you’re using a Google business listening or you’re focusing on the local market, you can improve visibility and trust through your listing. 

So, if local and Google business listings are so effective, why are they overlooked by the majority of businesses? The reality is, businesses are often too involved in other areas of search engine optimization that they forget how the simple things can have a huge impact. This cost-effective strategy is fantastic for smaller business and can significantly help you improve your reputation amongst the local community. 

Now more than ever, the modern customer wants ease of access. Whether that be in the form of an app, a website or a simple Google search. The faster you can provide them with what they want, the better. By listing yourself on search engines, you allow for seamless access to your website without your customer having to go through your whole website. Pretty convenient, right? 

Boosting SEO

The number one reason to make use of local and Google listings is that they will create another link to your website (see backlinks for more information as to how this helps with your ranking). This will help to boost the ranks of your website on search engine pages. Local listings are a great way to help you build your reputation within a particular area as well as those around you. For example, if you own a bakery in your local village, you can list this on Google. When someone searches for a bakery within your area, you’ll be the first business to show up. The more links you have going to your site from local listings will significantly improve your SEO. Search engines as a whole will support these kinds of links and therefore they can have a greater impact than many traditional links that people use. 

Engaging Business Listings

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is that their business listing is boring. It has no character to it. When a potential customer reads this, they instantly feel bored. Now you wouldn’t want to visit a website if the listing alone made you yawn, right? This is why we make sure that your listing as engaging as possible. Using languages that capture the attention of the reader, our copywriters will make sure that your readers want to find out more about what you have to offer, significantly improving the rates at which customers go to your website. 

In addition to this, where appropriate we also add pictures to your business listing. Both pictures and videos are having a greater impact on the way many of us shop online, with some websites focusing solely on pictures and video as a replacement for written content. Depending on the client we’re working with, we may opt-in for this option, using pictures as a part of the business listing for greater effect. This is one of the best ways to stand out amongst boring listings, allowing you to quickly become noticed on search engines. 

The price of our local business listing service will range from one client to the next. With every client, we will begin with an initial consultation, in which we will discuss your current business, your objectives and where you see your business going in the next year. Using this information, we will be able to provide you with an estimated cost of your project as well as a timeframe in which it will be completed. Should you have any questions or queries at this point, our team of experts will be more than happy to help. 

Contact us today and find out more about how a local business listing can help you improve your SEO.