At our website “Web SEO”, the privacy of all of our users is protected and respected. Therefore, we have created and drafted this Privacy Policy which is in compliance with all the relevant data protection and data policy laws. This policy is written for all the members, visitors, and users (“you”) to understand how the website of Web SEO (“we”, “our”, “Web SEO”) uses, collects, shares, and protects users’ information and data. All users and visitors are requested to read this Privacy Policy. By using our website all users acknowledge and warrant that they are in agreement with all the terms stated in this Privacy Policy.  


Our website collects a variety of information including personal data collection about our users so we can provide our users with the best possible services. The data which will be collected in this process will also be used to provide eCommerce services to the user as well in order to communicate with that user through e-mail and/or newsletters. Some of the information that is gathered by the website will be collected automatically for the different protocols that have been introduced over the years. 

All of our buyers should be at least 18-year-old in order to buy any product from us. 

2.1. User And Buyer Information Collection. 

There will be a collection of information from you when you make a user account on our website or when you’ll purchase any of the products available on our website. The information you may provide includes but not limited to:  

  1. Full Name  
  2. Email address 
  3. Phone number 
  4. Website  
  5. Any additional information relating to you that you provide to us directly through our websites or indirectly through our websites or online presence such as ‘cookies’.

2.2. Automatic Information Collection 

Our website also collects information that normally web browsers and servers ask for the rendering of the services, this type of information may include but not limited to browser type, referring site, language preference, users’ website usage, and the date and time of each user’s request. It is also possible that we may release this information of the users’ behavior in order for the better development of our business. If such information will be released, it will be in aggregate form, meaning that we’ll collectively release the information gathered from all users which will be non-identifiable. Our website may also collect information that may be personal-identifiable information. Such information may include internet protocol addresses and information collected through cookies. None of this information will be sold to anyone. However, based on the circumstances stated below we may share such information with third parties or in order to be compliant legally. 


Our website collects information through cookies. A cookie can be defined as a string of certain information that is stored on a visitor’s or user’s computer and such information is provided to a website every time the user or visitor returns to such website. Our website uses cookies in order to identify and help to track the users of our website. There are many types of cookies, however, most commonly only two types of cookies are used. Session cookies are temporary cookies that are deleted once the user exits the browser while the permanent cookies remain in the users’ or visitor’s browser until the cookie log files are either deleted by the user or expired on their own. Some cookies enable our eCommerce system to remember your order through the checkout process even if you want to check out as a guest user. Mainly we use cookies in order to (i) understand how visitors are arriving on our website; (ii) in order to monitor the usage of our website; (iii) remembering about when a user last visited our website and if the cookie persists continuing that user’s usage from the last time; and (iv)to conduct research and development by gathering user data in aggregated form. Please note that the cookie does not contain any personal identifying information. Users can also change their browser settings to make that the cookies are not being collected by making sure the collection of the cookies is disabled. 

3.1. “Do Not Track” Signals

We have implemented this policy for the reason that there is no set standard for such requests and different browsers have different mechanisms for such requests. Hence, we do not support, nor respond to such signals. 


Our website will not share, lease, or sell any personal user information to a third party (unless specifically required by legal authorities for lawful purposes).  We are also disclosing that there may be a presence of third-party links on our website. These links will be made either for marketing purposes or for other services as a requirement for the working of our website. These links may or may not be associated or affiliated with us in any way. We urge the users and consumers of our website to keep themselves informed of any policies of such third-party websites. 

4.1. Third-Party Platforms For Our Services 

We rely on third parties to render our services. We use Skype, Telegram and WhatsApp. We will only collect data that is necessary for communication purposes. The storage of the data will be made in accordance with the respective privacy laws of the third parties platforms. We request users to read the privacy policies of these platforms in order know about their data practices. Please follow the links below in order to read the privacy policies of the third party platforms.


The information we collect may be used in the following ways:

  1. We may use this information to improve the quality and content of the website. 
  2. We may use the information to make our services better, specifically our customer service. 
  3. To ask for reviews, ratings, and comments regarding our services, content, and products. 
  4. We may use the information in follow up correspondence like email, phone, and live chat
  5. To send you additional information which is related to your product. 
  6. We may use the information to personalize your user/client experience and send you the most interesting information according to your content and product. 
  7. We may use this information in relation to marketing by sending our clients emails after they have signed up with us. 


We are committed to protecting the personal data of consumers and users to the best of our ability. Data security is necessary and therefore in compliance with the global data privacy laws we have implemented the measures in order to make sure that all data belonging to the consumers and users of our website is well protected. We have made sure that all the transactions on and through our website are going through well-protected payment platforms. All the payment information including credit card information is stored on any such payment platforms that have been used to purchase on our website. Our website neither collects any payment-related information nor do we control it. 

We May Share Users’ Information In Following Instances: 

  1. When we are required by a court of law or legal authority to do so.
  2. When our business is transferred or sold to a new company or owner and in that transaction, the data stored by us will also be transferred to the new owner. 
  3. We will share the users’ data with our service providers ( such as web-hosting providers, payment partners, etc.), affiliates, marketing partners, business partners, and others who have legal rights to access users’ data.  


In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), this statement has been provided for all the users of our website who are purchasing any of our products or using any of our services. All the users have the right to access their personal information and they have the right to know how their data is being stored on our website. Users can also have their data removed or transferred from our website. Any user can contact us to let us know about their rights at


We have a strict limit on age compliance policy. No one under the age of 16 has permission to use our website. Anyone under the age of 16 should not provide us with any data, specifically personally identifiable information in any way. Any such information unknowingly collected by our website will be deleted as soon as we have become aware of it. 


Any amendments or modifications in this Privacy Policy will be made based on the requirements and necessities of our website. All updated information will be publicly displayed on this page. 


The CAN-SPAM Act is a law that sets the rules for newsletters and commercial emails, establishes requirements for commercial messages, and provides recipients the right to have emails stopped from being sent to them, and it shows the penalties in case there are any violations. 

We agree and affirm that:

  1. We will only use viable e-mail partners for sending e-mails. 
  2. Will not use false and misleading information and subject in our emails. 
  3. Will honor the user request to opt-out of the email as soon as possible. 
  4. Allow our clients and users to unsubscribe by clicking the link at the end of each page. 

In case you want to opt-out of our email or newsletter list, follow the instructions that are provided at the end of each email. You can also contact us if you want to remove your e-mail list from our database. 


Any questions, remarks, queries, and feedback regarding any of the above-mentioned terms of our privacy policy can be directed at